SOLGIDI (Solidarity with Girls in Distress)


 Children of CSWs given opportunity in life to lead normal accepted lifestyles.


 The long-term objective is to contribute towards improvement of the lifestyle of children of commercial sex workers.



Primary beneficiaries are the girl children of Female Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) up to the age of 18 yrs. While their mothers become secondary beneficiaries.

 Why girls of female CSWs

 The programme targets girl children of Female CSWs up to 18 years living in Mombasa. The lifestyles of CSWs expose them to vulnerable situations.

Children are human beings hence entitled to all human rights like any other human being. The difference, children occupy a unique and privileged position in the society because they are innocent, vulnerable and dependent on adults to meet their basic needs. The girl child is at more risk compared to the boy child who is favoured by the environment.


SOLGIDIís background


Bro. Frank helping  two girls of Commercial sex workers with some writing skills.

SOLGIDI has been initiated to support the girl children from Female Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) who are in difficult circumstances. This has been as result of experiences of working with the different communities in the Archdiocese of Mombasa especially CSWs

Many children have found themselves in difficult circumstances as a result of different family hardships. The most affected are the girl children. It is as a result of seeing what these girls are going through that Sr. Dr. Lea Ackermann, with the support of Bro. Frank,  initiated this programme.


Bro. Frank and Agnes With some of the girls beneficiaries of the program
SOLGIDI geographic scope 

Through the activities of SOLGIDI many children have benefited. The programme is concentrated in Mombasa Administrative District.

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Project purpose


To ensure that girl children of female CSWs in Mombasa have acquired basic education to improve their status in the community.

 SOLGIDI activities

  1.      Provision for support in Basic education .

 2.      Provision of support and care for the children .

 3.      Organizational capacity and sustainability .

 4.      Networking and collaboration .

 5.      Lobbying and Advocacy .




Agnes Mailu: The Program Director, in deep thought