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Kris with some of the beneficiaries of SBC Workshops.

Donations, prayers and letters of support none of my work would be possible.  With all donations given to Maryknoll in my name, we have developed the office of SBC, created our programs, made countless visits, facilitated dozens of seminars and continue to provide our service to our clients.  We are thankful and blessed for your support and commitment to us and our efforts here in Mombasa.

            The letters, phone calls, packages and emails have given me strength and courage to push ahead despite many obstacles.  I am thankful to have friends and family who are as supportive as all of you.  Please, don’t be afraid to be in contact with any questions, comments about Kris or my work here in Mombasa.  Here are my contacts:  Kris Ozar 84425 Mombasa Kenya.  Phone 011 314136 or 0733-534279, email  Blessings to you all.  


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Kris Ozar's Mission


Small Business Consultants (SBC) Mombasa) aims to provide small business consultation and educational services to groups/people’s institutions that would not have access to such educational services.  Our educational services aim to assist clients whom wish to turn their business dream into a reality.  The idea is to assist the poor and marginalized to identify, take control and manage the resources they have immediate access.  Then SBC works with them to build the skills to start and manage a business which can bring them and their families an income and possibly a better standard of living.

Our goal, to see the marginalized realize their God given potentials and enable them to recognize and utilize those gifts to the fullest potential in order to take responsibility and make their full contribution to the process of building a new society

Our job, is to assist groups in forming a strong cohesive people’s institution, which can address the needs of the group and community.  Once the groups’ identify the communities needs, they come up with common solutions to the common problems.

We offer several comprehensive courses in the basic business elements.  We walk the client through the basics on starting the business, developing the business idea, research on industry, customer care, competition, mapping out the clients’ market niche and business management.  The educational programs are tailored to meet the needs of the groups we are working.  For many illiterate clients this is this first educational program they have ever entered.  We strive to give every client (regardless of education) the tools and skills to develop and manage a business.



We strive to offer empowerment programs.  Due to cultural biases many women are still viewed as second class citizens below the men in the community. Working in partnership with local women leaders, SBC offers programs that facilitate discussions on the image and role of women in today’s society.  The programs goal is to pave the way for a new place and image for women in tomorrow’s communities.

To date, we believe we are a success simply because of our existence.  SBC Mombasa is a new office for the diocese, which began shortly after my arrival in Mombasa.  Being a brain-child of my colleague (Kennedy Ayienda) and myself we are the sole staff at SBC Mombasa.  Working together we have established the office, created programs, identified and visit groups whom we provide our service.

Despite our brief history, fruits of our work are evident. To date we have seen growth in a number of women’s groups.  The groups are developing into catalyst for personal growth (for the group members) and for the community.  Several groups have started group projects of making and selling soap, charcoal, fertilizer and fabrics.  The women are giving back by visiting the sick and orphaned of the community, assisting troubled neighbors with the seasonal farm work and participating in other church and community activities.  They are becoming active members of the community taking responsibility for themselves, families and community. 

            From all of us here in Mombasa, Asante Sana, Mungu Anabariki.  Thank You and God Bless.