Kris Ozar's Mission


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I am Kris Ozar  from Grosse Pointe Michigan USA, born on 22nd. October 1976.

I studied Business Communication and  Third World Development Studies at Calvin College.

In May 2002 I started working in Mombasa after 4 months in a language school for Swahili in Musoma Tanzania.

I am  the son of Mr. & Mrs.  Ozar, who are also missionaries in PagoPago American Samoa.

I have  two brothers Kevin and Ryan who are both married.

I enjoy walking on the beach talking to women (see my picture on the next page).

I must say in Mombasa Kenya is  beautiful, culturally rich City on the Indian Ocean.  Currently, I am working in The Catholic Diocese of Mombasa, in The Small Business Consulting Office (SBC Mombasa)

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