The Project is a collaborative  efforts of the Maryknoll Brothers and the Maryknoll Mission Association in the Archdiocese of Mombasa.  It  works  with the Community Base Health Care & AIDS Relief Project (CHBC) and currently serves six areas of Mombasa. 


AIDS orphans identified are not only impoverished, abandoned, and stigmatized,  they have no sense of security, empowerment and social adjustment.   There is need to expand the assistance beyond school education through an outreach program such as workshops focusing on family life, spiritual/social,  health (HIV/AIDS) and civic development/awareness.  More importantly, to provide counseling to enable them to express and share themselves.  Of equal importance is to give guardians support and know-how to deal with orphans concerns i.e. providing family life and basic needs.


Years 2003:  153 orphans  & 67 parent/guardians


Kevin and Friends showing their excitement.


Mission:  To be a sign of hope to orphans and their family support that God does care and has not abandoned them.


Goal:  To enhance support for orphans and their family/guardians by creating a healthy environment.



  1. Provide education to orphans;

  2. Sensitize their community  in the areas of HIV/AIDS;

  3. Provide spiritual,  psycho-social support to orphans and guardians; and

  4. Offer training on various income generating activities to guardians and eldest siblings.


AIDS Orphans Project needs:


$205/year to send 1 orphan to secondary school


$10/year per orphan for activities, workshops, education for life, etc.


$10/year per guardian for continuing support in the areas of spiritual, social, economic education.

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Kevin & Friends having fun on Orphans Day

Steven and friends enjoying the day!

Please send funds either by bank transfer or mail, as follows:


Name:                          M.F. Aids Orphans

A/C No.  :                          0102097619503

Bank Swift Code:  SCBLKENX

Bank:                          Standard Chartered Bank, 

                        Treasury Square Branch, Mombasa Kenya

Address:            PO Box 90170, Mombasa, Kenya


or Mail check payable to Coralis Salvador

                        c/o Maryknoll Mission Association

Address:            P.B. Box 307

                        Maryknoll, NY 10545




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