The Epilepsy Project came about through the efforts of Fr. Joseph Kengah, Pastor of Mivumoni Catholic Church and of seven out-stations.    Mivumoni is in the southern coast area of Kenya almost bordering Tanzania.  Fr. Kengah’s Ministry area covers approx. 99.83 sq. KM, with 1,680 households or population of 8,586.   He has seen children (Majority) and adults with Epilepsy (Kifafa in Swahili) go medically untreated.  The community strongly holds the traditional belief that this sickness was brought about as punishment for past sins, witchcraft, evil spirit, or a curse.  The sick brings shame to the family, therefore is often isolated from the community and neglected.  To treat Epilepsy, the common practice is through the use of witch - doctor (Mganga) to drive away the evil spirit, curse or appease it.  In extreme cases, a child could even be abandoned or starved to death.



Based on the above conditions, Fr. Kengah saw the need to address the issue of Epilepsy.  In June 2001, with collaboration of Maryknoll     Brothers and Mission Association through Coralis Salvador,  Epilepsy  education awareness was started in the community to change attitudes  and practices, and involve some community members to train as Epilepsy health workers.                                                                                                            


·         Epilepsy Day Clinic in Mivumoni, opened 12th January 2002 and henceforth every 2nd Friday of the month held at the Mivumoni dispensary clinic.  It has a staff of one officer and three health workers.  It offers free clinic service and collects a minimum fee for prescribed medicines. 

·         Annual ‘Baraza Day’ -  community gathered for health awareness

·         School Epilepsy Awareness -  school visits teaching student and parents

·         Follow-up visits of clients not attending clinic for 3-4 consecutive months



·         3 children returned to Primary School.

·         A change in family and community Epilepsy awareness and practices

·         Improvement in Epilepsy clients well being i.e. socially adjusted child

·         Increase in number of Epilepsy patients seeking treatment


NUMBERS:  74 registered clients

    33 children

21 teens

20 adults  

30 female

44 male

  Epilepsy Project Needs:

$17/year  per client - subsidize Epilepsy medicines to impoverished clients

$17,840 –  to start Mobile-clinic to do outreach to 7 out-stations  preventing clients to do clinic visits due distance and no means of transport.  [Note: some clients walk 2 hours to reach clinic]

  Please send funds either by bank transfer or mail, as follows:


Name:                   Fr. Joseph Kengah

                        c/o Mivumoni Kifafa Clinic,

A/C No.  :               0150149190900

Bank Swift Code:           SCBLKENX

Bank:                    Standard Chartered Bank, 

                        Treasury Square Branch, Mombasa Kenya

Address:                 PO Box 90170, Mombasa, Kenya


or mail check payable to Coralis Salvador

                        c/o Maryknoll Mission Association

Address:            P.O. Box 307

                        Maryknoll, NY 10545


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