Edward Shellito

Edward David Shellito was born in Erie, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1952, son of Edward L. Shellito and Virginia Ann Campbell. He is the oldest of five children, having two brothers and two sisters. He graduated from Cathedral Preparatory High School, Erie, Pennsylvania in 1970 and went on to Maryknoll College, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. When Glen Ellyn closed in 1971, he continued his studies at the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) where he earned a B.A. in Psychology in 1974.

He entered Maryknoll at Hingham, Massachusetts in September 1974. As a Seminarian, he completed his two years of Overseas Training Program in the Philippines, from 1977 through 1979. During language study he was actively involved in the local neighborhood around the language school, and after four months moved in with a local family. Upon completion of language study, he worked for a year in the Filipino parish in Monkayo, which Maryknoll had turned over to the local Church four years before. Here he visited the many outstations of the parish, giving seminars and attending meetings of the local Christian communities. During the last few months of his time in the Philippines he helped another Maryknoller, Father Walter Maxcy, to develop basic Christian communities in a new parish in La-ac.

After completing his training back in the United States, and receiving a M.Div. degree in Theology from Maryknoll School of Theology, Father Shellito was ordained at Maryknoll, New York on May 17, 1980. He was then assigned to the Philippines where, after a refresher course in language studies, he arrived in the parish of Asuncion, the Prelature of Tagum, in Davao del Norte. One year later, in June 1981, Father Shellito was forced to leave the country when the Philippine Government refused to renew his visa. Imelda Marcos, the wife of Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos, intervened, and in November 1981 Father Shellito was able to return to the Philippines, which he did the following month. He was assigned as administrator of the Parish of Cateel, Prelature of Tagum to assist the Filipino clergy. He remained there for three years developing the Mandaya and Manobo communities until the Parish was divided and two Filipino Pastors were able to replace him.

In July 1983, Father Shellito was assigned to the U.S. Region and to Development. He did development work for three years. In March 1987 after participating in the Spiritual Renewal Program in Israel, he returned to the Philippines to once again take up his missionary work serving the people of Aras-Asan and Bayabas in the Diooces of Surigao del Sur.

In 1991, Father Shellito was assigned to develop new ministries in Manila. He was chaplain at Makati Medical center and at the University of De LaSalle and was a guest lecturer at the East Asian Pastoral Institute at Ateneo University. Fr. Ed became known as a “Healing Priest” and spent many years working with the Catholic Charismatic Communities in the Philippines and Marriage Encounter. He was instrumental in the development of several projects to assist Alcoholics and Drug dependents in their recovery and was on the staff of the ASSIST program for clergy of the National Catholic Bishops Council. He later was the founder and director of the first residencial therapy center for Asian clergy. Subsequently Father completed an MS degree in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College of Baltimore in 2007 before being assigned to Maryknoll’s African region with mission to the Church in Namibia.

Richard Bauer-Biography

Richard Bauer from Salt Lake City, Utah, is the director of the Namibian Catholic AIDS program

Richard Albertine-Biography

Richard Albertine was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on August 20, 1939, son of Rudolph L. Albertine and Margaret Ann Malik. He is the eldest of four boys and grew up in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, the son of a coal miner. Grade School was in the tiny town of Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania. Richard entered the tenth grade at the Maryknoll Junior Seminary (Venard), Clark Summit, Pennsylvania on September 6, 1954. He graduated from Maryknoll College, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He was ordained a priest at Maryknoll Seminary, New York on June II, 1966.

After ordination Father Albertine departed for his mission assignment in the Maryknoll Mission Unit in Venezuela on July 20, 1966. After language study in Maryknoll's Cochabamba Language School in Bolivia, he took up mission work in Venezuela. The first four years in Venezuela represented the beginning of that new Mission Unit, a time of founding and establishing the new mission apostolate among the people. The highlight of those years was the establishment of Maryknoll's work in a new area of the country, called Valencia, about 100 miles west of Caracas. This was to become a very successful parish in the new industrial satellite city, called La Isabelica. From there in 1970 Father Albertine was assigned to the Maryknoll Education Department for advanced studies. He pursued a Doctorate in Systematic Theology in Toronto, Canada, graduating in 1972. For the next five years, he commuted between Maryknoll and Venezuela. This was something new: his teaching at the Seminary was integrated into an active Mission career. In 1976, the original work in La Isabelica was transferred to the diocese-after seven years-a flourishing parish and apostolate.

On July 1, 1977 Father Albertine was appointed Regional Superior for the Maryknoll Mission Region in Venezuela/Colombia for a three-year term of office. From that position he attended the 1978 General Chapter at Maryknoll, New York. He was reappointed Regional Superior on April 21, 1980 for a three-year term. He received permission to cut short his term by three months in order to take advantage of the Maryknoll Spiritual Renewal Program then being held in New Hampshire. He then returned to Venezuela for three years to work in the new apostolates in the squatter areas of Barquisimeto and Barinas. A highlight of those years was work with the women's movement called Circulo Femenino, a movement dedicated to working with women who are very poor, and in the main, part of the squatter areas.

Father Albertine was elected Chapter Delegate for the Eighth General Chapter 1984 in New York. After the Chapter he was again assigned to the Formation/Education Department and in September 1987 he was appointed Director of the Planning/Coordinating Team to reorganize the Maryknoll Formation/Education Department.

On January 31, 1990 Father Albertine was assigned to help the fledgling National Missionary Seminary of St. Paul in Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria. After completing this work in Nigeria, he hopes to resume a Maryknoll mission assignment. He is Professor of Sacramental Theology and Missiology at the Nigerian Foreign Mission Seminary where he is currently working.