Francis TenHoopen-Reflections

Some years ago I had what some people would call a conversion. I would call it a change of heart and I would also like to say that God did it all not me.

I noticed it one day some years back when I was driving. I was humming a song, "Sing a new song unto the Lord". Then being alone I started to sing it, but what I sang was "sing a new song in me O' Lord." I stopped immediately but the song or words stayed with me. It was as if my spirit was begging God to be within me.

Sometime later I notice that even scripture seemed to have upside down meanings. For instance, the story of treasure in the field; I was always taught that the treasure was my salvation and I had to sacrifice all to get it and keep it. Then one day I was reading it again and it changed. I was the treasure and God was the one who sacrifice even his son for me.

Since then and for years it has been the theme of my work for young people. We even have a mural of it painted. On top of all that I have been hearing about others with the same experience. You are the treasure in the field!