The Republic of Sudan
The Republic of Sudan
The Republic of Sudan

Sudan is Africa's largest country, almost 970,000 square miles in size. Military conflicts and disputes with its neighbors have damaged its domestic strengths. Today's population exceeds 35 million. The capital city is Khartoum, the currency is the Sudanese Dinar and the official language is Arabic.  

The climate varies from desert conditions in the north to tropical in the south. Cotton, sesame, and sugar production is concentrated in close proximity to the Nile River, and its many tributaries. Tourism is almost non-existent. Severe famine is not unknown and the country depends on foreign food aid.

For further information, see the article in the Columbia Encyclopedia.

967,494 square miles
39,379,358 people
Urban Population
34 percent
Human Development Index
ranks 147 out of 177 countries
GNP Per Capita
$ 800 U.S. dollars
Life Expectancy
58 years
Adult Literacy
61.1 percent
5% Christian
70% Muslim
25% Traditional

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