The Republic of Namibia
The Republic of Namibia
The Republic of Namibia

Namibia is an emerging independent nation with many contrasts. It's located on the far southwestern coast of Africa and is home to about 2 million people. The capital city is Windhoek, the currency is the Namibian Dollar and the official language is English although most people speak Afrikaans or a tribal language at home.

The country is arid, with very little annual rainfall. The Kalahari Desert rings its eastern border with Botswana. In Namib-Naukluft Park, sands dunes exceed 1,000 feet in height. Home to the world's largest uranium mine, it also produces large quantities of diamonds, lead and cadmium.

For further information, see the article in the Columbia Encyclopedia.

318,260 square miles
2,055,080 people
Urban Population
30 percent
Human Development Index
ranks 125 out of 177 countries
GNP Per Capita
$3,210 U.S. dollars
Life Expectancy
43.11 years
Adult Literacy
85 percent
85% Christian
0% Muslim
15% Traditional

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