Popular History: Telling Our Story
Popular History: Telling Our Story
Popular History: Telling Our Story

In 1996, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers celebrated their 50th year in Africa. In 1999, the former Kenya and Tanzania Regions and the Middle East Unit merged to form the new Africa Region. To date, over 143 Maryknoll brothers and priests have served God's people on the African continent. The men of the Africa Region contributed their recollections to a book of popular (informal) history to commemorate Maryknoll's 50th anniversary in Africa. The book is titled, The Buffaloes, and is freely shared via this web site. To learn more about these 53 years of mission in Africa, choose from the links below.

1999: A New Beginning: The Formation of the Africa Region by John Sivalon

2001: Handing Over the Makoko Language School by Ray McCabe

1946 - 1996: The Buffaloes - A Story Commemorating Maryknoll Society's 50 Years in Tanzania

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  1. Introduction by John Sivalon

  2. Our Changing Mission Vision by David Schwinghamer

  3. Musoma: The Land of the 12 Tribes by Michael Snyder

  4. Shinyanga: Falling in Love with the Sukuma People by David A. Smith

  5. Serving the National Church by Joseph Healey

  6. Maryknoll Associate Priests by Donald Larmore

  7. Maryknoll and Politics in Tanzania by Arthur Wille

  8. Maryknoll and Health by Peter LeJacq

  9. Maryknoll Sisters and Education by Katie Erisman & Kate Taepke

  10. Maryknoll and Development by Herbert Gappa

  11. Laity in Mission by Elizabeth Mach

  12. Maryknoll Brothers by Kevin Dargan

  13. The Most Unforgettable Characters by Joseph Healey

  14. One Liners Down Through our History by Joseph Healey

  15. Maryknoll Society and the Tanzania Region

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