The Nation of Ethiopia
The Nation of Ethiopia
The Nation of Ethiopia

Located in the northeast corner of Africa, Ethiopia's history spans 3,000 years. The capital city is Addis Ababa, the currency is the Ethiopian Birr and the official language is Amharic. The population exceeds 75 million people.

The climate is moderate, with desert conditions in the northeast and southeast. Drought is commonplace. In addition to the lowlands, the terrain is a mixture of rugged mountains throughout its central plateau. Still very dependent on foreign aid, the country does export coffee, and assorted minerals, including gold, copper and platinum.

For further information, see the article in the Columbia Encyclopedia.

471,776 square miles
76,511,887 people
Urban Population
17 percent
Human Development Index
ranks 169 out of 177 countries
GNP Per Capita
$ 170 U.S. dollars
Life Expectancy
49.23 years
Adult Literacy
42.7 percent
60.8% Christian
32.8% Muslim
4.6% Traditional

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