Archived Pages from Our Website
Archived Pages from Our Website
Archived Pages from Our Website

Since the inception of this website in 2000, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers' missionary work in Africa has gradually changed as our members retire, pass away, or are assigned to other Society work in the United States. Most significantly, we no longer have a missionary presence in  Mozambique or Egypt. The web pages depicting our work in those places along with the pages featuring the Maryknollers, who formerly worked in Africa, are preserved in this section as part of our living history.  Some Maryknollers have moved to new countries or new ministries within Africa; their stories can be found in other pages in the website but their former ministries are included here as well.

Maryknoll in Mozambique

Maryknoll in Egypt

Bro. Peter Agnone:   BiographyReflectionsMinistry

Fr. Richard Baker:   BiographyMinistry, Photo Album

Bro. Loren Beaudry: Ministry,Photo Album

Fr. Richard Bauer:  Ministry

Fr. William Daley:  Biography

Fr. Edward Davis:   BiographyReflections

Fr. Donald Donovan:   Biography

Fr. John Eybel:  Biography,  Ministry

Fr. Francis Flynn:   Biography

Bro. John Frangenberg:   BiographyReflections Ministry

Fr. Herbert Gappa:   BiographyMinistry

Fr. Richard Hochwalt:   Biography Reflections

Bro. Mark Huntington:   BiographyReflectionsMinistry

Fr. Robert Jalbert:   Biography

Fr. Leo Kennedy:  Biography

Fr. James Kuhn:   BiographyReflections

Fr. Howard O'Brien:   Biography

Fr. Edward Quinn:   BiographyReflections Ministry

Bro. Edward Redmond:   ReflectionsMinistry,   Photo Album

Fr. David Smith:   BiographyReflections,   Ministry

Fr. Thomas Shea:   BiographyReflections,   Ministry

Fr. John Sivalon:   BiographyReflections,   Ministry

Fr. Romane St. Vil:   Ministry

Fr. Kenneth Thesing:   ReflectionsMinistry Photo Album

Bro. Cyril Vellicig:   Biography  Reflections

Fr. Robert Vujs:   Biography,   Reflections,   MinistryPhoto Album

Fr. John Waldrep:   Ministry

Fr. Arthur Wille:   Biography Reflections

Bro. John Wohead:   Biography

Fr. Maurice "Moe" Zerr:   Biography,   Reflections

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